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To find the contact information for a CoCoRaHS volunteer coordinator in your area, click on your state below. Our local coordinators will be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

We are currently seeking "local county coordinators"  in many counties within our participting states.  If you live in a CoCoRaHS state and are interested in becoming involved with CoCoRaHS as a "local county coordinator" please contact your state coordinator or our national coordinator, Henry Reges (hreges@atmos.colostate.edu).  Click here to view a list of "local coordinator duties".

CoCoRaHS National Headquarters

CoCoRaHS Headquarters
Colorado State University
1371 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO  30523-1371

National Director
Nolan Doesken (970)-491-8545

National Coordinator
Henry Reges  (970) 491-1196

Education Coordinator
Noah Newman  (970) 491-8545

Web Developer
Julian Turner (970) 491-1034

Station Administrator
Noah Newman (970)-491-8545