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It's Hail Season across much of the United States and Canada.  Please submit a CoCoRaHS Hail Report when hail falls at your location.  (Hail Pads are NOT REQUIRED to do so)

Did you just experience a hailstorm at your location?   Please submit a CoCoRaHS hail report. A photo is not required, but is very helpful.  There is now an option to submit a photo for any new hail report that you submit.  This is ONLY available on the website and NOT available on our App at this time.

We are looking for photos that not only show the sizes of the hailstones (or hail pads if you have one), but also for photos of hail depth, damages and storm impacts.  Here is a document with some tips on how to take photos of hail and hail pads.

You may not realize it, but there are very few sources for accurate data about hail. Most weather stations don't even measure or report hail and scientists often have difficulty finding good data to help analyze storm patterns. Therefore, our CoCoRaHS hail reports are especially important. Check out this example of a damaging hailstorm that struck the Norman, Oklahoma area in April 2021, and the accompanying photo.

Entering hail data: If you experience hail at your location (even the small stuff) please use the CoCoRaHS hail report form found in the left-hand menu of your data entry page. Even if you don't have much information about the hail or weren't home to know exactly when it happened, still send in a report and fill in what you know and skip the parts that you don't.

You may choose to have a printed version of the hail report form where you can use a pen or pencil to mark things down as the storm is happening, and then enter the data afterwards.

Consider uploading a hail photo tied to your new or previous report: Once you submit a report you will see a link on the confirmation page for an option to submit up to four photos.  CoCoRaHS HQ will only select one per report but will keep the others for research purposes.  Photos will typically be available within 48-72 hours and will be available to the public.

If you have an old photo for a previously submitted hail report, you can view your past hail reports (links found in the left-hand menu of your data entry page) where you will see an option to "Upload Image". *Note: There is no need to edit the previous report - simply click the icon to view it and the option to upload your image will appear.

Viewing hail data can be done in three ways through the "View Data" page:

  • "Days with Hail" reports include a list of all days during a calendar year with one or more hail reports entered into the CoCoRaHS database and the number of photos. Reports with a camera icon next to them indicate that at least one report for that day has a photo available for viewing on-line.
  • "Search Hail Reports" allows you to filter to a date range or location, and will also indicate if a photo is available for viewing.
  • "Station Hail Reports" allows you to find all hail reports for any station ID entered into the form.

You can also see a map of hail reports for any given day (or span of days) on our interactive map here: Hail reports on the CoCoRaHS Interactive Map.

Our wish for you this summer is that if you see any hail may it be the small, soft non-damaging stones.