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THURSDAY:"CoCoRaHS Hail Pads" -- How to make a hail pad . . . make your own at home!

Hail pads are essential to CoCoRaHS's mission to measure, map and study hail. They are fairly easy to construct with the right materials. If you can wrap a present, you can most likely make a hail pad.

A hail pad consists of a 12" by 12" square of Styrofoam covered in heavy duty aluminum foil. A little tape and you're set to go. To learn more on how to construct one visit: Making Hail Pads.

For those of you who would like to order hail pads without going through the process of making your own, they are available from for a modest fee.

Thanks again for your reports and be on the lookout for hail in your neighborhood.

"CoCoRaHS Hail Week" -- April 15-21, 2018

Join us in creating 'Hail Awareness' during our annual "CoCoRaHS Hail Week". Most of us see hail in our backyards from time to time and many of us will even experience a hailstorm this month. Learn more about hail, including how to observe and report it, as we explore this icy phenomenon all week long.

  • Monday: "Watch the CoCoRaHS animation on How to Measure Hail" This YouTube animation will help you prepare to measure hail in your yard. Hail Video
  • Tuesday: "Five things you always wanted to know about hail, but were afraid to ask" We will feature some interesting facts about those falling balls of ice.
  • Wednesday: "CoCoRaHS Hail Reports . . . What are they, how can I access them?" How you can help report hail.
  • Thursday: "CoCoRaHS Hail Pads" How to make a hail pad . . . it's fun and easy to do.
  • Friday: "CoCoRaHS Hail Photo Day" Have a great/unique photo of hail? E-mail it to us today!
  • Saturday: "CoCoRaHS National ‘Put out your Hail Pad’ Day" Have a hail pad? . . . join thousands around the country who will put out their hail pads today. It’s that time of year!

To find out more about hail, visit our CoCoRaHS Hail Page by clicking here: Hail Information

CoCoRaHS "Hail t-shirts" are currently available via as long as supplies last. They sell for $12.75 ($14.75 XXL) plus shipping and are pretty cool looking. The shirts feature the hail symbol on back with the front sporting the CoCoRaHS logo on upper left

Thanks again for your reports and be on the lookout for hail in your neighborhood.