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Fire Weather!

Another zero in the rain gauge? Hot, dry weather during the summer can create ideal conditions for wildfires in many parts of the country. As you read this message, large fires are burning in many western states. To see where current wildfire activity is taking place across the country click here: ACTIVE FIRES.

Most NWS Weather Forecast Offices provide fire forecasts twice a day and provide warnings in close partnership with local, state and federal fire control agencies. Learn more about Wildland Fire Safety and the NOAA Storm Prediction Center's latest Fire Weather Outlooks for your part of the county by clicking on the underlined text.

The Incident Information System Website is another great resource for finding out where wildfires are currently burning. This site gives a vast amount of information that many of you will find very informative.

For additional info on wildfire prevention and other wildfire topics, visit the National Interagency Fire Center’s web site by clicking here: NIFC

Want to learn more about Fire Weather? View the CoCoRaHS WxTalk Webinar presented by Liz Page of UCAR/COMET. You can do so by clicking here: WILDFIRE