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Thanks for participating in CoCoRaHS and for entering your precipitation report today. We really appreciate those of you who are reporting zero when nothing has fallen in your gauge.

We realize that it takes time to enter your data each day. And yes, it is usually more interesting to measure and report precipitation when there is something in your gauge. But keep in mind that it is just as important to know when and where it DIDN'T rain or snow as to know were it DID. We even care about trace (T) amounts. Your reports of 0.00" for dry days are greatly appreciated and are used by many organizations to see where it didn't rain.

An example of the great work you are doing reporting zero's happened last week on the 7th. On that day there were approximately 13,570 observations reported and of those entries, over 10,764 reported zero! Way to go!

If you don't have time to enter each day, we have a feature entry report that makes it easy to enter zeros. Feel free to use the “Monthly Zeros” report. This is also a quick way to view your precipitation reports one month at a time.

Thanks for helping us "zero-in" on this "very dry" topic!