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Our 2020 Ten-For-CoCoRaHS Year-End Fundraiser is off to a great start! Please consider making a $10 donation.

We kicked off our annual fundraiser on December 1st and so far we're off to a great start. We thank all of you who have donated so far and those who are considering a gift during the campaign.

To each of you who have taken the time and effort to go outside and measure precipitation we wish to offer you our heartfelt thanks. With many folks at home over the past several months we have hit a record number of daily observations . . . hopefully this has been a good and fun diversion each day from life's current challenges.  As one of our observers, you are what makes CoCoRaHS tick in your community. Our amazing group of more than 21,000+ active volunteer observers stretches from the coast of Labrador in the Atlantic to the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific . . . from Nome, Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

During the year, we are asked the question, "Can I help the network out monetarily in addition to taking precipitation measurements?" You certainly can and we appreciate your willingness to do so. Donating to our annual fundraising campaign is a great way to do this. Your gifts support CoCoRaHS activities such as educational programs, outreach, equipment and supplies, data management, and web development work. Each and every one of your gifts, no matter the size, has a lasting impact and goes a long way to keeping our network operating throughout the upcoming year.

Please consider making a $10 donation today.  Some of our regular donors may find it hard to donate this year due to unintended economic hardships.  We certainly understand. If you are able to give, perhaps you might consider adding a small additional amount to your normal gift on their behalf.

Click here to DONATE (or view the donation website)

We have a special thank you gift available to all who make a donation of $60 or more. This year, it's our CoCoRaHS "Tornado" t-shirt and it's really cool. A black shirt with blue and white graphics and a touch of subliminal lime green.  It will look great on you, a family member, or friend. A long-sleeved shirt is available for donations of $100 or more (you can always choose a short sleeve instead). Shirts will be mailed out before February.

Contributions to CoCoRaHS may be deductible as charitable contributions within the limits of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consult with your tax professional.

Many employers may match your gift.  Please check with your employer, you never know.  It's said that a great deal of potential employer matches go unused every year.

You may print a form to complete and mail in by clicking here.

We thank you and wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season ahead.

The CoCoRaHS Team


Please note that all donations received will go directly to the support of the CoCoRaHS Network and its sustainability. No funds received will go to NOAA's National Weather Service, which is a great advocate of CoCoRaHS.