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Evapotranspiration Report  
Station Number: MN-HN-78
Station Name: Richfield 1.9 WNW
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Date: Oct 13, 2021 4:30 AM
Gauge Reading: 4.70"
Observation Date: 10/14/2021 4:30 AM
Submitted: 10/14/2021 4:49 AM
Gauge Reading:
Evaporation Amount:
No change At obs it is VERY WINDY (and my dairy air concurs) as it is now suffering the ill-effects of a wind increasing in speed, from the SSW which made the shadows appear to come to life, starting to dance, jump, and move to intercept the unsuspecting weather observer, dancing, jumping in that same wind, and a loudly chewing small beautiful bunny, with fresh, crisp carrots that were so large she couldn't possibly chew with her wee mouth closed! I jumped higher than she when startled by her chewing, she startled by my eing startled, but her quite rude buck, her mate, would still be rolling in the grass, laughing his wee fuffy tail off until he saw 3 females of 2 species bearing down on him for his hilarity! His doe - oh did Ms Bunbun look angry! His mother bunny "I taught him manners and to respect does...and all females, most especially the carrot angel!" And me...see if Simon gets carrots thrown to him any time soon!" 9°/49° SSW winds at 12 mph, gusting to 25-36mph, RH 39% MAX TEMP at 17:12 17°/64.7° winds were changing direction due to rapidly moving Low pressure every 8 hrs.