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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 5/25/2022.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-99Hygiene .79 N 0.11 Clear, Unlim viz, 38deg, 85%RH, Wind SSW 2 mph, 30.09" steady, 24HR HI 57deg, LO 38deg, Peak wind WSW 12 mph @ 19:15 hrs.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CF-53Buena Vista 0.6 WNW 0.15 Rain most of the day. All snow melted. Frost on the ground this morning. 27 degrees.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-JF-504Arvada 3.6 WSW 0.11 rain: .01 morning, .07 evening, .03 overnight   View 
5/25/2022 CO-LR-40Loveland 1.5 N 0.04 Cool day yesterday with partly to mostly cloudy skies all day. Light rain early evening. Mostly cloudy late evening. Clear and cold this morning. High yesterday 56°, low 34°. Currently clear and 38°, with a dew point of 38°.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-PW-24Two Buttes 12.0 NNW 0.65 Wonderful, slow, steady rain   View 
5/25/2022 CO-YU-68Wray 4.2 NNE T Cool, cloudy, light occasional drizzle.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-143Longmont 2.1 N 0.01 Brief evening rain shower; min temp 35.0°   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE 0.15 50 degrees, breezy and clear for first time in three days except for a small cap of clouds on top of Pikes Peak   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CH-36Cheyenne Wells 0.2 E 0.64 Praise God   View 
5/25/2022 CO-RG-23Monte Vista 0.8 W 0.04 Some of the precipitation fell as hail under 0.25 inch in diameter.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-JF-72Broomfield 2.3 SSW 0.15 Exactly 0.15” observed in gauge.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EG-51Carbondale 5.9 ENE T Snow started falling around 1:30 pm. No accumulation.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N 0.00 Thi 56 @ 15:14 ……. @ Obs: 43.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-AR-290Littleton 1.5 NE 0.01 A few drops at 8:20 pm   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E 0.05 Lots of clouds all day and finally got some rain in the evening, R- began ~1930 and was mostly over by ~2100. It then began clearing after 2300 and the overnight low dipped briefly to 35.3 about 0530.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-92Nederland .47 ESE 0.57 Heavy snow at times afternoon and evening   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-202Ward 4.6 NE 0.38 Tmax: 40 (mid-morning); Tmin: 24 (daily record, also coldest record for so late in season). After morning sunshine and warmth, fog rolled in around noon (MDT) with a temperature drop to the low-to mid-30sF and subsequent light snow showers off and on that would briefly accumulate and melt again before evening. I went outside twice during this period to scrape 0.2" each time (~3pm and 6:30pm) off my snowboard without emptying rain gage. Snow became steadier and heavier around 8pm, culminating in over an hour of heavy snow that was estimated at 2-3"/h between 9-10pm MDT, with a temperature hovering just below freezing. Snow ended around 11pm when I measured a total of 3.9" on the snowboard. Since the earlier 0.4" were guestimated at 0.08" earlier in the day, the evening snow would have melted down to 0.30", or a 13:1 ratio, pretty fluffy for late May. The calendar-daily total of 7.1" yesterday was a daily record, also the biggest such total for this late in the season. Snow cover had melted to a trace during the day before the evening snows set in and produced the snowpack observed this morning.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW 0.04 Temperature range: 44-57 Don't know the time it rained.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-435Longmont 3.0 SW 0.43 Clouds built up around 6 pm, but deluge that began at 650 pm was a surprise. Rain was heavy for 40 minutes and then lessened. Last year in April, two snowstorms. This spring no moisture very little moisture in May and April but two weeks of solid precipitation (snow and rain).   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-437Boulder 2.1 W 0.01 Short, light periods of rain yesterday and into the evening. This morning it’s a beautiful, clear blue sky, 44°F. Most plants and trees seemed to have mostly recovered from the recent snowstorm, although some flowering perennials have suffered.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-552Boulder 4.8 ENE 0.06 Most rain fell in the evening.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-BO-560Boulder 5.5 E 0.12 Frosty morning after the rain. Ice on puddles and vegetation although thermometer five feet above ground level recorded a low of 35 F.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CF-6Buena Vista 1.5 WNW 0.11 mostly snow but too warm to stick   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CF-19Nathrop 3.3 WSW 0.16 Snow 'til 7:50am; sprinkle 3:15pm turning to mush at 3:50, snow from 3:55 with intermittent mush and snow ending about 5:40, then more mushy rain from 7:50 'til?   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CF-65Buena Vista 2.0 ESE 0.12 Clear, calm and 30 degrees F at report time. Relative humidity at 89.5%. Only a little frost on snowboard.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CC-1Evergreen 6.5 WSW 0.20 Rain/snow mix   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CC-32Dumont 2.0 WNW 0.78 gauge catch from melted core below   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CS-31Fort Garland 13.3 E 0.35 Snowed most of the day.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CS-32Fort Garland 12.9 ENE 0.14 It snowed 2/24 in the morning but quickly melted   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CR-8Crowley 0.2 E 0.20 Rain ending by 1:30 Pm, mostly sprinkles or very light rain.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CR-18Ordway 3.5 W 0.22 Dew this morning. Possibly fog during the night? Clear this morning with wind already starting at 17mphNW.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-CU-36Westcliffe 0.6 NNE 0.23 First clear morning in five days shows Sangres totally white. In town, a coating of snow fell overnight, following a day of showery mixed precipitation.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE 0.00 Clouds developed but no rain yesterday. Clear skies and calm winds. 44 degrees.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-DG-218The Pinery 1.2 ESE T Frost on the mailbox, 34 degrees this morning with Trace of rain yesterday afternoon as clouds rolled through. Several types of Hummingbirds finally arrived a week or two later than usual.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-DG-250Highlands Ranch 3.0 WSW 0.03 Sunny, 40 degF   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW 0.26 Tuesday the weather was mixed all day long with rain, snow, and hail then brief periods of calm. Rain came down heavily a few times so I was surprised at the total in the gauge. The accumulating snow fell later in the evening and froze on the porch this morning. Our high temperature yesterday was in the 40's. Our current temperature is 28 degrees with a partly cloudy clearing sky. It should turn into a lovely day.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EG-53Vail 3.5 E 0.21 wet snow   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EL-89Elizabeth 6.2 SSW 0.00 Dew on ground, but no moisture capture in guage.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-58Ivywild 0.6 E 0.19 A few casual drops during the daytime yesterday for a trace. Early evening VCTS with shower for measurable precip. Fair sky this morning, calm, and 37 degrees.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-175Manitou Springs 1.2 ESE 0.33 First thunderstorm on the season early evening. Enough small, pea-size hail to cover the ground. Moderate rain.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-194Colorado Springs 1.1 NE 0.12 Temp - 36°F Solar - 49910 kWh 10 - 18217 kWh 11 - 22341 kWh   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-210Colorado Springs 3.0 S 0.19 Very light rain off and on through the day and evening. Thunderstorm with light to moderate rain 7:45PM to 8:00PM. Light rain ended overnight.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-291Colorado Springs 8.2 SE 0.10 37 degrees   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-362Colorado Springs 5.8 NNW 0.11 Low temp. of 36 F; high temp. of __ F. Clear skies so far.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-371Peyton 8.5 WSW T The only precipitation observed yesterday was at 9:05am with sprinkles on our north facing windows that lasted for about 15 minutes. A thunderstorm developed just to our west in the early evening. Observed cloud to ground lightning strikes at 6:45pm and 6:48pm. Low-level rumble of thunder at 6:53pm. Doppler indicated this storm stayed somewhat stationary during its life cycle. No precipitation from this event. Currently, clear, Temp: 38F, RH: 81%, Wind: NNW9, Vis: unrestricted. Pikes Peak and the Sangre de Cristo range are covered with heavy snowpack. The most I've seen in a long time.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-376Black Forest 3.0 NE T 36F (lt frost on deck and top of SUV); 30.09; 75% RH; clear; 4-7 mph @ 290   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-389Colorado Springs 1.8 NNW 0.10 Evening rainstorm with thunder.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-408Colorado Springs 8.0 NNE 0.08 Clear, vis > 20 mi. Wind NNW 3 kts. Temp 40°F, DP 34°F. RH 79%. Baro 30.09" rising slowly. Yest HI 54°F, LO 38°F.   View 
5/25/2022 CO-EP-418Palmer Lake 0.3 W 0.01 Blue sky at obs. First sunny conditions since May 19th!   View 
5/25/2022 CO-GF-33Glenwood Springs 5.3 SSE 0.00 high 61º low 29º presently 29º mostly clear Bar. 30.02 R rapidly   View 
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