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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 6/23/2024.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-687Loveland 2.7 E 0.00 yesterday's high 94 F (34 C), cloudy PM. overnight low 63F (17C), calm, clear sky w/small lenticular clouds to NW, RH 52%   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-448Fountain 15.3 ESE 0.01 A small shower came through about 9pm.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-MR-81Hillrose 2.5 SSW T 54°F overnight low temperature. 93°F yesterday high temperature.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-YU-68Wray 4.2 NNE 0.00 Sunny and hot   View 
6/23/2024 CO-PW-34Lamar 2.9 S 0.00 Hot and Dry   View 
6/23/2024 CO-WE-606Milliken 1.0 ENE 0.00 24 HR MAX/MIN: 91/54; Peak Wind 31; VIRGA overhead during the late afternoon/early evening   View 
6/23/2024 CO-AU-37Pagosa Springs 5.8 SSE 0.22 0.22” in about an hour, 16:00 to 17:00.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-OR-2Ouray .23 NNW 0.05 P. Cloudy fg   View 
6/23/2024 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N 0.00 Thi 95 @ 14:51.……. @ Obs: 68 // Cloud buildup after ~ 15:50   View 
6/23/2024 CO-AR-381Bennett 10.8 SSW T Very few drops from high-based convection between 1740 and 1800.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-AU-45Pagosa Springs 7.2 NW 0.39 Pea size hail fell during an afternoon thunderstorm.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-AU-60Pagosa Springs 4.6 NNW 0.44 heavy mid afternoon rain on 22nd   View 
6/23/2024 CO-AU-77Pagosa Springs 6.8 WNW 0.12 54°   View 
6/23/2024 CO-BO-30Boulder 1.9 SE T A few small raindrops ~1700 MDT. Trace precip. Gusty west breezes (G20).   View 
6/23/2024 CO-BO-57Nederland 5.8 E T 59º; WNW to 6mph; clear.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E 0.00 mid to late afternoon weak storms brought some wind, with the last one around 1800. There may have been some sprinkles (was an actual short shower in Lafayette) but didn;t witness it.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-BO-220Boulder 4.7 ENE 0.00 Clouds and cool breezes out of them brought the temperature down about 10 degrees starting shortly after noon, but no raindrops noted.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW 0.00 Temperature range: 65-89   View 
6/23/2024 CO-CS-32Fort Garland 12.9 ENE 0.02 Thunder!   View 
6/23/2024 CO-CR-18Ordway 3.5 W 0.02 Overcast through yesterday. Brief rain at 10:30 p.m. Thunder in distance. Mostly clear and very calm this morning. Already hot.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-DL-54Cedaredge 1.3 E 0.07 Brief small hail (pea-sized and smaller)   View 
6/23/2024 CO-DG-152Highlands Ranch 2.8 SW 0.00 Mostly clear and hot day. Beautiful morning.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE 0.00 Clear skies after yesterday’s glorious sunset. Light breeze. No moisture   View 
6/23/2024 CO-DG-245Castle Rock 0.5 NNW T If I were not outside when it occurred I would have missed the TR   View 
6/23/2024 CO-DG-347Castle Rock 0.8 N T A few sprinkles in the afternoon.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW 0.05 Most of Saturday was beautiful with a brilliant blue sky and pleasant temperatures in the 70's. Late in the afternoon dark clouds with very strong gusts of wind brought in a brief but intense storm. It cleared out right away but the brief storm dropped the temperature into the 50's. Our current temperature is 40 degrees with a clear sky. If our wind gauge is correct, it measured a 22 mph gust! We are in a sheltered area so that was an unusually strong gust of wind.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-58Ivywild 0.6 E 0.02 Evening -SHRA. Fair sky now, calm, and 56 degrees.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-175Manitou Springs 1.2 ESE 0.02 Light rain in the evening.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-194Colorado Springs 1.1 NE T Temp - 56°F Solar - Unkn 10 - 1358 kWh 11 - 3396 kWh   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-291Colorado Springs 8.2 SE T 63 degrees   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE 0.02 64 degrees, moderate wind about 10 mph. Mostly clear with a few high, thin clouds to south/southwest. Yesterday some strong gusty winds blew a quick shower through in late afternoon.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-365Peyton 5.4 NNW 0.05 Most of this fell sometime after dark. A few lite sprinkles late in the afternoon.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-408Colorado Springs 8.0 NNE 0.04 Clear, vis > 20 mi. Wind calm. Temp 59°F, DP 47°F. RH 64%. Baro 30.28" steady. Yest LO 60°F, HI 83°F. Brief TSTM late afternoon.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-460Colorado Springs 3.9 NNW 0.03 Light rain around 5:30pm lasted a few minutes. Then thunder and a short rain around 7:15pm.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-EP-487Colorado Springs 7.4 NE 0.18 Thunderstorm,gusts   View 
6/23/2024 CO-GF-33Glenwood Springs 5.3 SSE 0.02 high 85º low 46º presently 46º mostly clear Bar. 30.41 R   View 
6/23/2024 CO-GR-68Tabernash 2.7 NW 0.03 7.9 Hours of sunshine. Hi/low temperature 73°/37°F   View 
6/23/2024 CO-HF-24Walsenburg 1.0 WNW T 90/55, trace of rain with a thunderstorm   View 
6/23/2024 CO-JF-3Denver 6.1 WSW 0.00 Temp about 60°F   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LP-35Bayfield 7.0 N 0.33 Heavy downpour late last night & wee hours this morning. Sunshine now, most rain we’ve had in a months time. Good for pulling weeds & keeping wildfires Away. Quick drizzle mid afternoon added .3” to today’s total.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LP-113Bayfield 5.2 N 0.06 High yesterday 79 under clear skies early and stratiform overcast in the afternoon with evening T-storms and a brief downpour. Low this a.m. 55 under clear skies.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-50Lyons 4.8 N T Saturday, warm, partly cloudy, brief afternoon sprinklw. High 84F. This AM, low 56F, clear.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-104Loveland 3.0 NNE T A couple brief sprinkles from 3:46 to ~4:30 PM   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-140WEL 4.8 NW T didn't even wet the ground. just a few drop from passing clouds. If I wasn't outside, I would have never seen the precipitation in my rain gauge,   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-412Fort Collins 2.9 NW T Light traces in the afternoon that evaporated quickly.. Not enough to notice unless you were outside.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-636Fort Collins 2.8 NE 0.00 7am. 55F, 78%RH, Bar.30.14"S, Clear sky, NW Wind G 2 mph. 06/22 High 91F @ 1:30pm. Low 54F @ 6am. Peak Wind G SE 24 mph @ 8pm.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-1234Fort Collins 1.2 SE 0.01 Brief rain shower around 2:15 PM on Saturday 22 June 2024. Only produced individual drop marks on pavement. At obs time: Clear skies and very light dew on funnel. Air temperature approx 61F.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-1272Estes Park 1.7 SW T A trace fell at dinner time. At 0700 clear sky, 1 mph wind, 66F.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-LR-1302Fort Collins 3.0 WNW T Was outside working and had that "trace" of rain. Would have been easy to miss . . an hour earlier or later nothing.   View 
6/23/2024 CO-MZ-77Mancos 6.7 ESE 0.00 Heavy dew   View 
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