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5/30/2023  MD-BL-25 MDBaltimore Severely Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
The rain never came we are dryer than ever we realy need rain it mostly stayed south of us. Plants are doing fine. Fire danger is very high.  View
5/30/2023  OH-LK-9 OHLake Mildly Dry General Awareness
Ground is getting hard and grass is turning slightly brown  View
5/30/2023  WI-CB-4 WIColumbia Severely Dry General Awareness
Business & Industry
Plants & Wildlife
Tourism & Recreation
I heard the term flash drought on the local weather. We are in it. May is 2.5" below normal and it has been warm to hot with sunny skies. It's been 16 days since we had a half inch of rain. The farmers need rain on the new seeding to get it growing and anything that has come up needs rain badly. Lawns are browning and gardens need watering regularly. The only good thing is farmers are getting in 1st crop hay with the dry weather. Ditches are starting to get low and as well as frog ponds and small marshes and sloughs. Fresh cut hay needs rain for 2nd crop growth. The forecast is hot sunny and mostly dry for all of this week and beyond. It is great weather for construction and outdoor activities. There is a threat of wildfires as the forest floor is very dry. The Baraboo River has dropped below normal.  View
5/30/2023  CAN-NS-177 CANNova Scotia Severely Dry General Awareness
Relief, Response & Restrictions
Society & Public Health
Water Supply & Quality
Soil very dry, brooks rivers and lakes low. Wild fires burning over 1000’s of hectares  View
Showing 4 Records.