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1/17/2018  CO-RG-25 CORio Grande Severely Dry General Awareness
Business & Industry
Tourism & Recreation
Dry conditions are causing dust and lack of moisture in our soil. We are organic farmers and the dry weather is affecting our soil health negatively as there is a lack of moisture in the soil and in our snow pack. Our local community is struggling due to a lack of snow which is directly effecting seasonal winter tourist visits. The lack of snow and abnormally warm temperatures are making livestock management easier this winter. We are also rock climbing and mountain biking for recreation instead of winter sports.  
1/17/2018  CO-SA-2 COSaguache Severely Dry We have seen no snowpack here this season, other than for a few days in mid December. The 3.5 inches of snow we seen so far for this snow season (2017-18) is the lowest to date in the 15 years I've lived in this town.  
1/17/2018  FL-HB-3 FLHillsborough Moderately Dry Agriculture
freeze watch remains in effect from this evening through Thursday morning. These conditions could kill crops and other sensitive vegetation. We are a heavy strawberry growing area.  
1/17/2018  TX-WS-13 TXWise Near Normal feeding hay, some cool season grazing available.