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9/24/2020  GA-FL-23 GAFloyd Mildly Wet General Awareness
a little wet  
9/24/2020  IL-WL-63 ILWill Mildly Dry General Awareness
11 consecutive sunny days without rain have once again made soil hard and necessitated watering on a daily basis. Grass that is shaded has stayed green but sun-drenched places are burnt.  
9/24/2020  IN-DV-12 INDaviess Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
yard is very dry,  
9/24/2020  MI-BN-5 MIBerrien Moderately Dry Agriculture
3 inch of dry soil  
9/24/2020  MI-EM-8 MIEmmet Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Relief, Response & Restrictions
Society & Public Health
Tourism & Recreation
Cool and damp, thunderstorms just North of us.  
9/24/2020  NY-WY-11 NYWyoming Mildly Dry Agriculture
Plants & Wildlife
Sunny to mostly sunny and warm with a light breeze. The high temperature was around seventy one degrees and the low around fifty two degrees Fahrenheit. Gardens and flower beds need watering. Half of apple crop has dropped. 15% to 20% of some woods are having color in leaves.  
9/24/2020  NC-RW-17 NCRowan Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Tourism & Recreation
Water Supply & Quality
The big story this month has been the temperatures: We have been below normal 16 of the first 23 days with 40's from the 19th to the to the 23rd for lows. Our normal during that 5 day period is 81 to 80 for a high and 59 to 58 for a low. We were 12 to 18 degrees below during that stretch with the low on the 22nd of 40 F.( 18 degrees below normal) tying the record of 1918 (102 years ago) the Rowan Airport had 39 F. breaking the record. Nearby Charlotte ( 40 miles to our SW) tied their record of 43 F. set the same year. We had 47, 44,44,40 and 49 F. One of those days, the 19th, recorded 63 F. tying a record low high on that day, normal was 81 F., 18 degrees higher. Leaves are falling all over the county from over 50 % of the deciduous trees. Due to our heavy rains occurring on only 5 of those days, the leaves falling are dull in color and dry. Rain is on its way today after 7 days of dry conditions in a row. More to report later this month. Farm conditions are good due to full ponds and irrigation. Wildlife is out and about eating vegetation and hunting. Dove hunting season and fishing is good. Water quality is good now but was poor after the floods of the first of the month. Wildfires are back up this week due to dry conditions this last 7 days. Water supply and quality are good at this writing.  
9/24/2020  TX-ED-28 TXEdwards Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Some good rains in September have greened things up - huisache trees that were nearly bare have leafed out, grass is green and growing. But there are areas where all or most of the perennial grasses died out over the past year or so and that will take more than one good season to recuperate.  
9/24/2020  VT-WH-19 VTWindham Severely Dry Plants & Wildlife
Only about a third of one inch rain in the past twenty days. Soil is very dry, shrubs wilting and trees showing stress dropping leaves early and lack of vibrant color.  
9/24/2020  WI-VR-1 WIVernon Near Normal General Awareness
Near Normal Mildly