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8/16/2017  CA-KN-26 CAKern Severely Dry General Awareness
Since February, we have had 0.89 inches of rain.Last 3 months temperature over 90 degrees, with hot dry wind every day.  
8/16/2017  CO-EP-378 COEl Paso Near Normal General Awareness
Garden, overgrown, is starting to do better now that it is getting more sun, same as with the grasses. As for color and health, trees, shrubs and native plants are looking pretty good. Soil still has a darkness to it in many areas at the surface which is great for the granite, quartz gravely and sandy soil.  
8/16/2017  FL-PS-51 FLPasco Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Dry spell for now, all plants needing water now! Grass is still green but tops are drying up.  
8/16/2017  IL-CP-58 ILChampaign Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
I monitor water quality at a new wetland at Meadowbrook Park, just a mile south of me. There has been no water at all in the wetland for a couple of weeks. Lawns are dry. Many species of tree are shedding their leaves early. Most of my garden shrubs and perennials are significantly stressed.  
8/16/2017  NC-CM-42 NCCumberland Mildly Dry General Awareness
We have had a good deal of rain this past week but it has been dry the last couple of days. The grass is growing a little too well. The summer garden is looking good but definitely ready to be replaced by the fall garden.  
8/16/2017  CAN-NB-1 CANNew Brunswick Moderately Dry General Awareness
Precip zero and evap 0.11 in last 24 hours. Soil temp 19.4 C