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3/29/2017  AZ-PM-12 AZPima Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
3/29/2017  KS-SG-116 KSSedgwick Severely Wet Plants And Wildlife
Standing water everywhere. No chance for any more rain to soak in. Any new rain will run off immediately. Frogs are out now in abundance. Seems earlier than last year.  
3/29/2017  NM-SF-71 NMSanta Fe Near Normal Agriculture
Plants And Wildlife
This moisture will help our small ranch here in the mountains of central New Mexico. Hope that it will continue  
3/29/2017  NC-ON-86 NCOnslow Near Normal General Awareness
Near normal conditions. Pollen is really bad.  
3/29/2017  TX-BZS-88 TXBrazos Mildly Wet General Awareness
about 1.25" of rain in the last week  
3/29/2017  TX-VV-9 TXVal Verde Near Normal General Awareness
Greening up a bit after this 1+ inch of rain. Winter rain was short of avg but caching up slowly. 2 local wild fires last week due to minor drought. This rain should help decrease the fire danger.  
3/29/2017  TX-WM-235 TXWilliamson Moderately Wet General Awareness
0.57" of rain overnight. All three creeks are holding water and are flowing slightly.  
3/29/2017  WA-CK-38 WAClark Moderately Wet General Awareness
Everyone I have spoken to about the weather, "Hey, staying dry?" is absolutely tired of the rain. I hear comments ranging from, "ARRGGGHHHH!" to angry tones, "Last year we could sit outside in the sun in March! I am tired of dark, wet, and dreary!" We have about 2 inches more this year than last year, but we are easily 12 inches over normal for this time of year.  
3/29/2017  WA-PO-10 WAPend Oreille Severely Wet General Awareness
Rain and warmer temps(lows in mid-30's and highs in mid to upper 40's for the past four days) caused the snow berms to be half their size from yesterday.. and we have puddles and soggy ground.