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Evapotranspiration Report  
Station Number: MN-HN-78
Station Name: Richfield 1.9 WNW
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Date: Apr 7, 2021 4:30 AM
Gauge Reading: 0.40"
Observation Date: 4/8/2021 4:30 AM
Submitted: 4/08/2021 4:53 AM
Gauge Reading:
Evaporation Amount:
No change. Fairly blah day, but sun came out late in the day else it was cloudy and the reporters aren't ever trying to say these names right anyway, so now we're deliberately going to use Minnesota names, Minnesota words & teach them how to speak & be Minnesotan. Step 1: quit covering your head in the rain; you only cover your head when you are in a blizzard, standing beside the road after your car was destroyed by a deer falling off the truck in front of you onto the hood of your car (at 65 mph), at 04:15, enroute to a crime scene. Yep, you cover your head then.