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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: AZ-NV-42
Station Name: Show Low 4.2 S
Report Date: 11/22/2020
Submitted: 11/22/2020 7:27 AM
Scale Bar: Moderately Dry
A mild and dry week with high temperatures mostly in the 60's with a couple of days in the 70's. The high of the week was 72° on Tuesday. The low of the week was 25° last Sunday but a warm low on Thursday of 54°. Plant life is dormant and you couldn't tell if it was brown from the cold or drought, but as we know, it was dry before the cold. I haven't noticed much wildlife lately except for a few birds. Did smell a skunk the other morning. The garlic I planted in the vegetable garden is coming up. It amazes me that it grows during the winter here. Doesn't seem to mind the cold temperatures. No activity in the pond.
Categories: General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife