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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: MD-HR-23
Station Name: Norrisville 0.6 WSW
Report Date: 11/22/2020
Submitted: 11/22/2020 7:04 AM
Scale Bar: Near Normal
Temps were normal to above normal this week. Total Precip this week 0.38"...

Surface soils are dry.

Soil Temps and Soil Moisture fell...

**High Centibar Readings mean drier; 0 = Saturated Soil..120 or above = Severe Drought

**Current Soil Readings @ 7am:

Surface Soil Temp: 43F...Grass Temp: 42.3F...

 6 in. Depth: Soil Temp: 47F...Soil Moisture:  12 Centibars..
24 in. Depth: Soil Temp: 48F...Soil Moisture:  09 Centibars.. 
36 in. Depth: Soil Temp: 51F...Soil Moisture:  22 Centibars..

Birds were more active at the feeders. Winterized the fountain and set out heated bird bath. No Bog Turtles were seen.

Farm behind me did field cleanup.

Creek Status:  Water is Clear.. Water Level & Flow are normal..
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Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality