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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: IA-BC-9
Station Name: Winthrop 5.6 NNE
Report Date: 10/18/2020
Submitted: 10/18/2020 10:29 AM
Scale Bar: Near Normal
With I Believe 0.09 in. of rain at this location and cooler temps this past week I would call it Normal for this time of year.  Finished the Manure/Compost spreading a week ago today.  Still need to Drag the pastures. Quite a lot of leaves left on the tree's even with the wind and bits of rain.  Harvest continues, with a lot out but still quite a bit to do in the Area also.  Out to eat with friends Friday evening at a popular spot.  Social distancing at tables, not so much around the Bar.  An interesting situation we have going.  Lawns and Pastures still Green, Growth has slowed but we have seen no frost here yet and only one night with a temp of 32 Degrees. Not extremely Dry but not a good time for a lot of open burning with the Harvested and Standing Crop Fields.
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