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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: KY-CB-10
Station Name: Wilder 0.2 ESE
Report Date: 10/18/2020
Submitted: 10/18/2020 8:56 AM
Scale Bar: Moderately Dry
One species of pine tree with shallow roots are showing signs of drought stress.  Many pine trees at Northern View Apartments, Highland Meadows, Signal Hill Condominium complexes are showing drought stress.  The surface soil is very dry and the lawns and landscaping are beginning to show signs of drought stress. The local streams are bone dry.  The pond level is well below average.  The soil is pulling away from the edges of the sidewalk and the foundations.  As of this weekend, It appears that the north half of Campbell County has gone from D0 - ABNORMALLY DRY to D1 - MODERATE DROUGHT.  The 0.07" rainfall several days ago was just a sprinkle and was insufficient for drought relief.  This minute amount of rain had made the lawns a little bit greener only to fade again a day later. According to the NWS, drought relief will probably occur during the next 48 hours as approximately 2 inches of badly needed rain is in the forecast.  There is a grass fire danger of tossed out cigarette studs today and this danger is likely to be gone for at least the rest of the month and probably through the rest of the year when the rains return and the drought ends in Campbell County.  Only  1.31 inches of rain has fallen at KY-CB-10 during the past 44 days. Most stations in Campbell County had even less rain, many with less than 1" during this period. Getting only 25 percent of the normal rainfall during a 1.5 month period borders on D1 - MODERATE DROUGHT.  These are the 45 day rainfall summaries:  NK Cincinnati International Airport 0.81", Lunken Airport 0.71", HTTS 1.24" and HUEY 1.19".  These are the 44 day summaries (note COCORAHS is one day behind due to the 7 a.m. observation time):  KY-CB-10 1.31", KY-CB-8 0.99", KY-CB-4 1.08", KY-CB-7 0.53" and KY-KN-15 0.74".  Normal rainfall throughout this 45 day period is 4.0 inches. 
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