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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: MN-WB-12
Station Name: Elgin 0.4 WNW
Report Date: 9/23/2022
Submitted: 9/23/2022 6:00 AM
Scale Bar: Near Normal
Fall now!  AGRICULTURE:  farm fields of SOYBEANS have mostly turned pink-brown and getting closer to full maturity--a few fields are still largely yellow.  CORN is "tipping" (ears drooping) and tassels are browning nicely; several area farmers have taken off fields for silage. Nearby PUMPKINS have been harvested & now being sold at local farmstands. HAY: some farmers have taken a fourth crop.  ..... PLANTS:  purple coneflowers and hydrangeas are drying & changing colors.  Asparagus is very ferny & some seeds starting to turn color.  Korean maple is bronzing nicely; our ash trees are dying (thanks EABorer!) :-( Very sad about that.  WILDLIFE . . . bluejays still screaming every morning but we no longer hear the common screech owl in the evenings; heard a chickadee the other day & reminded me to lay in a supply of black oil sunflower seed for the feeders.  Squirrels are very bold and plump, dashing here n there across the yards and on the playground.  TOURISM/REC:  we can see the Great River Ridge Hiking/Biking Trail from our front yard and it continues to be busy every day with locals walking or riding.  Deer are seen along the trail and local birds, too.  Weather is perfect: cooler temps and lower humidity and fewer bugs, too! . . . WATER SUPPLY:  area creeks & rivers are running beautifully though we haven't had rain in over a week.  No complaints about the quality.  
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