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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: VA-PW-13
Station Name: Manassas 5.3 SE
Report Date: 1/15/2022
Submitted: 1/15/2022 6:11 AM
Scale Bar: Near Normal
The FoxMill Weather Station temperature-compensated soil moisture tension readings at the 3 and 5 inch levels are 12.2 and 10.9 centibars respectively in Buckhall marine clay with 3.7% fine gravel/particulates and 3¾ inch mowed dense fescue overcover where the ground sensors are located. Ground temps at the same depths are 37.8°F and 38.7°F. Soil moisture education note: Barring a torrential downpour resulting in standing field water, the soil moisture levels at 3 & 5 inches in the station’s marine clay will lag rainfall by 12 - 30 hours due to the fescue moisture uptake and slow percolation through the clay soil. Levels at 8 & 16 inches are relatively stable.

A total of 0.45 inch of precipitation was recorded in the past seven days since the last Condition Monitoring Report was submitted. Weekly evapotranspiration (ETo) total was 0.149 inch resulting in a 0.301 inch ground moisture surfeit.

Weekly average ETo 0.021 inch per day.

December 2021 month-end totals: precip 0.55 inch; ETo 0.777 inch resulting in a ground moisture deficit of 0.227 inch. 

2021 end-of-year totals: precip 42.85 inches, ETo 30.563 inches resulting in a yearly ground moisture surfeit of 12.287 inches of surface run-off. 

This morning’s weighted soil-moisture tension reading has us in the 1st quarter of the “Near Normal” range in Buckhall marine clay as defined by CoCoRaHS. 

January cumulative totals-to-date: precip 2.98 inches; ETo 0.250 inch resulting in a monthly ground moisture surfeit of 2.730 inches which correlates nicely (high R^2) with the observed soil moisture readings after accounting for the last precipitation type, weighted rate of fall, amount, duration, surface water runoff, ground temperatures, ETo and the previous 30 day rolling measured data. 

Yearly moisture (2022) through this morning’s 0600 hour CoCoRaHS reading: precip 2.98 inches, ETo 0.250 inch, resulting in a surfeit of 2.730 inches of runoff.  NOTE: The Dulles Airport historical precipitation yearly average for the recorded period 1964 - 2021 was 41.77 inches; the wettest year on record was 66.75 inches of precipitation in 2018. Washington DC’s historical yearly average for the same period was 40.40 inches; wettest year in recorded history was also 2018, 66.28 inches. Same with FoxMill Weather Station, 2018 was our wettest year on record, 71.47 inches of precipitation measured on an 8-inch NWS Standard Rain Gauge.

Yearly comparisons as of last month’s end, 31 December 2021: Precipitation — FoxMill Sta 42.85 inches, Dulles Aprt 34.95 inches (18.2 miles N), National Aprt 44.09 inches (23.8 miles NEbE); Seasonal Snowfall (2021 - 2022) — FoxMill 13.1 inches, Dulles 7.9 inches, National 9.5 inches.

FoxMill Weather Station provides an automated live weather summary by merely clicking on the URL below. Note that the IP is collected for statistical reasons to analyze the CoCoRaHS usage patterns.

Data reported by: observer2 (ampersat) at FoxMill Weather Station, Saturday, 15 January 2022. 
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