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Welcome to CoCoRaHS-Wisconsin-
a volunteer rain/snow measuring program

General Information
CoCoRaHS-Wisconsin observers provide a great volunteer service to the community, the county and the state by providing information on precipitation, snowfall, and snow depths. The information is used by government and university scientists, community officials, farmers, county emergency managers, watershed managers, drought monitors, and by your friends and neighbors.  
    The only requirements for participation are:
  1. A volunteer spirit.
  2. An enthusiasm and dedication for watching the weather and daily reporting of local precipitation conditions on a systematic and timely basis. You will be asked to make your precipitation measurements around the same time every day...in general, around 6 AM -8 AM.
  3. Getting yourself trained and set up with the proper equipment.
  4. A computer with internet access.

Wisconsin State Co-Coordinators

Sarah Marquardt
National Weather Service - Sullivan, WI  

Steve Vavrus
Wisconsin State Climatologist - Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Additional Wisconsin Contacts

Kevin Erb
UW Extension- Green Bay, WI
Environmental Resources Center

Ed Hopkins
Wisconsin State Climatology office
Univ. of Wis.-Madison    ejhopkin@wisc.edu

Find Your Local County Coordinator

Equipment needed and where to get it

You will be asked to use the standard manual 4" diameter round plastic rain gauge that will hold up to 11" of water...even if you already have some other type of manual or automated rain gauge. For an explanation of why CoCoRaHS uses the 4" diameter rain gauge, please go here.

If you do not currently have a 4" diameter rain gauge, you can order one from various vendors for about $42.00 plus shipping charges.  

Training is required! Please review the easy-to-understand online training available on the CoCoRaHS web site. It is possible that some other forms of training may be set up in the future. If so, announcements will appear on this web page.

How to Join
Click here to go to the CoCoRaHS Application Form

Find Your Local County Coordinator
Information about building your own rain gauge measuring tube stand:  http://www.cocorahs.org/Media/docs/IL/CoCoRaHS-MTS%20Plans.pdf

Observer Resources:
Winter Weather Observation Training Slide Show