Frequently Asked Questions : Mapping


How often are the precipitation maps generated? All Daily Maps are regenerated every 10 minutes.

Where are the road names? We are working on providing selective display of road names to the county and city maps.

Why doesn't my data doesn't show up on any of the maps? If you are new to CoCo RaHS, it might be that we don't have your longitude and latitude entered into our mapping system yet. Since maps are only created every 10 minutes, you may need to wait a bit and check again. It is also possible that we have incorrect longitude and latitude for your station. If that is the case, please contact your Volunteer Coordinator. The maps also only include data that is collected between 4:30am and 9:30am. If you read your rain gauge later in the day, then your data won't be mapped, however it is still in our data base.

Why does my station need to be in the mapping system? We have programs that draw each of the maps using your longitude and latitude to plot your data. These programs use a data file that contains all of our known stations and their locations. If your station isn't in this data file, we can't locate where your data came from therefore your data won't be mapped. When you join the project it may take time before we know your longitude and latitude and even more time before that information gets to the webmaster and gets entered into the necessary data files.

If my station isn't entered into the mapping system, is my data being lost? No, all data entered is written to our data files. As soon as your information is entered into the mapping system, your data will begin appearing on our maps (within one day).