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Lesson Plans:

We have a variety of lesson plans and activities that can be used the in classroom to teach children about the science of studying weather.

Lesson 1: Equipment and Measurements (PDF)

Lesson 2: Registration and Data Entry (PDF)

Lesson 3: It's Not Easy Being Green. (PDF)
Accompanying slide show (PDF)

Lesson 4: Practice Reading the Rain Gauge: Teacher Guide (PDF)
Student Worksheet (PDF)

Lesson 5: A History of the Sky: Observing Climate (PDF)

Lesson 6: When Rain Reigns (PDF)
Accompanying Excel Spreadsheet (excel)

Lesson 7: Rain Measurements Tell a Story (Created by UCAR Center for Science Education)

Lesson 8: (for grades 9-12): OLYMPEX Advanced Data Analysis Exercise (Created by NASA GPM - Goddard Space Flight Center)

Lesson 9: (for grades 9-12): How Does Your Precipitation Data Measure Up? (Created by NASA GPM)

Compare NASA GPM precipitation data to your measured CoCoRaHS data and receive a special NASA GPM Certificate upon completion!  Click here to begin.

More lessons coming soon...check back often!

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  Training Materials

 Gauge installation tips   Basic Training (PDF)
 How to read your gauge   Training Slideshows
 Data Entry Tips   Training Video
 FAQ's    FAQ's

Other Materials:

This 'Station Identification Sign' can be placed near your gauge to help explain its purpose. After editing, printing and laminating, it can be placed near your gauge:

Station Identification sign


  • Q: As a school, I can't report every day, especially weekends, holidays and summer break. What is expected?
    A: As much as you can participate, the better, but we do not require any specific amount of participation. Multi-day reports can be submitted on Monday to cover the weekend precipitation.
  • Q: My school is just a block away from another school. Will our data just overlap?
    A: There are valuable lesson plans and activities that your class can do, even if the data overlaps.  One important aspect of the program is to have students learn how to read the gauge.  Computer data entry (and analysis) are also valuable skills as well.
  • Who uses our CoCoRaHS data?

Colorado Teachers:

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